Be the woman you needed as a girl, be strong as we all have a 'Wonder Woman' inside of us and don't stop until you're proud because if you have a dream, make it a goal.

Today we present: Prof Nazia Yazdanie, a renowned professional being the first Doctorate in Dentistry (Prosthodontics) in Pakistan who also became the first lady Principal of de’Montmorency College of Dentistry Lahore. Her distinguished career features hard work and strong desire for excellence spanning over four decades. All this period could be a handbook of success for upcoming dentists and women entrepreneurs in a variety of ways. She has built on strong foundation laid by her father (Prof. B A Yazdanie) in Lahore as Professor of Prosthodontics. He took great pride in her meritorious rise as a scholar and clinician. It started in era when women doctors were unheard while dentistry was an all-male profession. Under encouragement from her mentors first and de’Montmorency College and later at Eastman Dental Institute, London. Prof Nazia demonstrated perseverance that is a hallmark of extraordinary resilience. All along, she remained the great cultural ambassador for Pakistan and was driven to serve in her country despite numerous competing offers abroad.

Her professional life is distinguished for higher quality of dental care for patients from all segments of society. She introduced prosthodontics procedures and techniques most suitable for the local setting. She was a model of consistency and attention to detail for her students. She trained nearly 70 postgraduate students who are currently leading various departments and institutions both within Pakistan and overseas. Compared to other clinical supervisors, she had a vision for research that has remained evident in her students publishing their work during clinical training and beyond. Her expertise continues to enrich curricula and other technical aspects within purview of all national statutory institutions like Health Departments, College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan, and University of Health Sciences Lahore, Punjab Medical Faculty, besides many other institutions across the country. For decades she served Pakistan Medical & Dental Council and remains a focal person of Dentistry at Higher Education Commission.