Participation Of Postgraduate Residents Of Pakistan In Virtual Conference Organized By Academy Of Prosthodontics

A virtual conference was organized by the Academy of Prosthodontics on May 21st and 22nd, 2021. The theme was "Advancing New Frontiers". Various keynote speakers gave their lectures about emerging trends in the field of Prosthodontics. This conference also included a poster competition. Participants from different corners of the world submitted their entries. A group of post graduate residents from Prosthodontic Department at Sardar Begum Dental College, Peshawar also sent in their entries which were accepted by the Academy. A total of four entries were accepted comprising of case reports of maxillofacial prosthesis and obturator. The cases mentioned in the abstracts were treated under the supervision of Prof Dr Mohammad Ali Chughtai, head of department, Prosthodontics, Assistant Professor Dr Mariya Khalid and Assistant Professor Dr Ehtisham Khan. The following abstracts were accepted:

  1. Maxillary Obturator with Hollow Bulb Having Perforations by Dr.Roheela Naz and Dr.Hamza Rehman Khattak

  2. Rehabilitation of Maxillofacial Defect with Facial Prosthesis by Dr Madina Rashid, Dr Maryam Altaf and Dr Hanif Wazir

  3. Restoring Hope - Combining Art and Science in Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Orbital Defects by Dr Sarah Ihsan, Dr Roheela Naz, Dr Hanif Wazir, Dr Faisal Hayat, Dr Ayesha Fida, and Dr Mariya Khalid

  4. Fabrication of Congenitally Missing Silicone Auricular Prosthesis by Dr Sana Habib, Dr Hina Habib Khattak, Dr Madina Rashid, Dr Sarah Ihsan and Dr Jawad Ali

The participants were required to make a poster in addition to a PowerPoint presentation which was then converted into a pre recorded video presentation. This video along with the poster was uploaded on a digital platform consisting of an online profile with pertinent information related to participants and their abstracts. This platform was provided by the Academy of Prosthodontics and was open to viewing by other participants and guests.

Such conferences should be organized regularly as these provide an opportunity for emerging dentists to share their knowledge, skills, and talent with other people. Our future generation is undoubtedly hard working and full of potential and with the right guidance and supervision will pave the way for new discoveries and efficient techniques for treatment of various prosthodontic needs and problems.